Our innovative agency provides full-service: planning, management, and production services for corporate events nationwide

  • Cultural experiences

    Founded with a vision to revolutionize the event management industry, MARCOMTREASURES brings expertise in curating corporate and cultural experiences that resonate.

  • Our Roots

    Born out of a passion for the arts, we celebrate cultural diversity through exhibitions, classical music recitals, modern dance performances, and more.

  • Sustainable at Heart

    Every event we manage is a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly practices and sustainability.


Event Organization and Coordination

MARCOMTREASURES offers organization and coordination services for various social and corporate events. Our operations will span across two industries – the Party and Event Planners Industry and the Concert and Event Promotion Industry.

Corporate Events

Seminars, conferences, product launches, and more.

We will make sure that each event it organizes is special and with the assistance of its highly skilled staff leading to the highest degree of client satisfaction.

Private Parties

Celebrations create opportunities for fun, amusement, entertainment, and recreation, which can help to reduce stress, tensions, anxieties, and other factors that can negatively affect morale, participation, or engagement.

Concerts & Shows

MARCOMTREASURES will carefully select the venue to reflect the tone of the event, provide refreshments and entertainment such as music, and organize interactive elements where appropriate.

Government Entities and Non-Profit Organizations

Government officials have many duties - hosting, attending, or organizing various events. Whether it’s hosting foreign dignitaries, promotion of government achievements, or officials hosting private events, We will offer its high-class services that will generate high satisfaction rates with the officials.

Educational Institutions

MARCOMTREASURES, by providing its services, will ensure that the schools get the best promotion to attract new students and that events such as competitions go smoothly and successfully.

Fashion Brands

Our company offers promotional services for the events organized by smaller or large brands in order to raise awareness and attract more clients for them.

Tourism Industry

While cities like New York, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco and Las Vegas generate tens of millions of yearly visits, there are states and cities in the U.S. that have as much to offer but are mostly overlooked by tourists.

By organizing events for this industry, we will help attracting more tourists to small states and boost their economy.

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