Nature and Scope of MARCOMTREASURES's Business

MARCOMTREASURES focuses on designing, planning, and executing events for various

We handle all phases of the event management, from planning out the
event and making sure it goes smoothly, to organizing post-event cleanup and following up on the client’s experience.

The Company’s mission is to become a leading organization in the event management sector,
which it will achieve through its commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer
satisfaction. With a team of experienced professionals and a focus on delivering tailored solutions
to meet the unique needs of each client, MARCOMTREASURES is poised for success in today's
competitive marketplace.

"Our company will save clients’ time that would take them to prepare the event themselves, and will ensure that the event, and with it the client, gets the best promotion that will bring in new customers both for the Company and the client." - CEO Iana Dubakova

The Company will target businesses and individuals from various industries, such as
entertainment, tourism, and fashion, as well as government bodies and non-profit organizations.

"With prior consultations, MARCOMTREASURES will get a better understanding of the client’s needs and will organize the event according to them. The Company will do a check-up with the client after the event to make sure everything was in order and to get feedback on the need for potential improvements." - CEO Iana Dubakova

The Company is located in New York City, 525 W 28th street, 10001

MARCOMTREASURES offers organization and coordination services for various social and corporate events.

  • The Company will schedule an initial meeting with the client to understand
    their requirements and vision for the event, and to establish a budget.
  • Once the client is satisfied
    with the plan that MARCOMTREASURES presents, the Company will provide a detailed
    quotation for the services offered.
  • Once approved, the client and MARCOMTREASURES will
    sign a contract to outline deliverables, payment terms, and other obligations.
  • Based on what was
    agreed upon, the Company will organize the decoration and design of the venue, book
    entertainment coordinate catering where necessary, as well as manage potential vendors.
  • During the event, MARCOMTREASURES will provide technical support in order to make sure that the event is carried out smoothly.
  • Additionally, the Company will gather visual material to help promote the event and to showcase its services to other potential clients.

Post-Event Services

After the event has been successfully concluded, MARCOMTREASURES will have a cleaning plan prepared ahead so that it may carry out all the necessary tidying up.

The Company will procure the services of professional cleaners that will complete this duty most efficiently.

Post-event activities will also include follow-up surveys to attendees to assess the effectiveness of the program in meeting the client’s expectations.

MARCOMTREASURES will incorporate clients’ feedback into its business model so that it may improve its services with every new event organized.